Different Fishing Techniques from Gone Fishing

Fishes swimming free in the sea

Looking for fishing tips that could help maximize your fishing experience? Gone Fishing could be of great help. It is great to know more about the various fishing grounds. Knowing the right fishing ground and the fish that is in there could help you get into the right strategy in order to get more fish. Usually, getting all the information regarding fishing in a particular place could be done by asking local residents or fisherman in a certain area.

Once you have arrived in a certain area where you decide to fish, you would usually have to plan for strategy. Having a boat would be advantageous if you are planning to fish on lake or big bodies of water. When you are fishing away from the shore, having a boat could be advantageous as you could go from one spot or another where you could harbor fish. There are various fishing techniques that you could use using a boat. This includes still fishing, trolling or casting.

Fishing Techniques

Still Fishing

One of the common fishing techniques that most people use when they go fishing is still fishing. This typically includes fishing from an anchored boat. Gone Fishing shares this technique for those who do not want to tire themselves going from one spot to another in order to get a fish or for those who are having a great time sitting on their boat and waiting for the fish to take their bait. Usually, it uses any sort of tackle, often a bait casting outfit. Some uses fly rod which is equipped with bait casting line and reel. On the other hand, some use fly rod and reel accompanied with old fly line.

In still fishing, a bobber or a float is basically used which may be a balsa wood, a hollow plastic or simply a cork which automatically floats in the water. Together with this is a snelled hook which you need to attach to your bait. A piece of nylon leader is commonly used for still fishing. This leader must be weaker than the line so that it could be pulled loose whenever it gets snagged.

When still fishing, it would be best to get to know better some of the fish feeding habits. It is essential for you to get them easily on your bait. The sorts of fish you are trying to go after as well as the water temperature are usually the things that determine the profundity at which you fish.


When it comes to trolling, anglers usually use a boat that is slowly moving. The bait or the lure is placed at the rear of the boat for about 50-75 feet away. This would usually require you to use a stiff rod as soft rod would usually cause you to miss numerous strikes. Stiff rod is good for setting the hook into the jaw of the fish.


Casting or bait casting usually involves casting out and retrieving the bait repeatedly to lure the fish in motion. The lure you use in trolling could also be utilized in bait casting; only that casting allows you to do some varieties in which the bait is given to the fish. This is where you use a plug in a different manner in order to catch fish. You can be imaginative in bait casting. In fact, you can turn your plug to act like a wounded minnow or a darting fish. Then, you can work out various sorts of retrieves which could lead you to successfully bring your fish into your bait.

Good Spots for Fishing

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Getting familiar with a pond or a lake could greatly help you to successfully fish. Of course, you already know the hot spots where you can get more fish as well as the right strategy where you could lure them to your bait. During hot summer, fish usually stay under the bottom of water where the water is cooler than the surface. In this case, fishing in the bottom part of the lake is better during summer. As said, you must also be familiar with the fishing habits of various fishes as they grow old their feeding habit also change. Note that a certain type of fish chooses a definite condition in which they want to live. Thus, it is all up to you to locate them.

For instance, if you are trying to fish small-mouthed bass, you could go for clear and cold water. For fishing the large one, trying a warm shallow lake could be good one. Small-mouthed bass usually take any bait which could include minnows, worms, pork rind lures, buck tails and more. In case of large-mouthed bass, they could be found in various water temperatures as they don’t have exact preference of the water temperature where they want to live.

Generally, there are many fishing techniques one could find for their successful fishing. If you want to know more about this, you could refer to an informative website such as on Gone Fishing.